Caroline Kelly

Caroline is an experienced pharmaceutical compliance professional, with 20 years' experience in the industry.  She held a number of Commercial and Medical roles in small, medium and large sized pharmaceutical companies, before focusing solely on Compliance leadership roles since 2010.  She has covered a spectrum of prescription medicines from mega brands to products for rare and orphan diseases.

As one of the first cohorts in the development of Healthcare Compliance as a responsibility in the industry, she has had the opportunity to represent companies at the EFPIA Compliance Committee, held (and continues to hold) roles in working groups run by the ABPI, PMCPA and IPHA, and frequently leads syndicate groups for the PMCPA.  She is a former panellist of the IPHA Code Council. 


Caroline has a real passion for the pharmaceutical industry, and is driven to secure the best for patients, healthcare professionals and the public.  Her breadth of experience in the industry supports a genuine understanding of clients' needs, and allows for the development of creative bespoke solutions.​

"Compliance with a personality!"

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Laragh de Bhulbh

Laragh joined Pharma Integrity in 2021 as an in-house Healthcare Compliance Consultant.  With over 11 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, she has worked as both medical lead and IPHA final signatory supporting products in diverse therapy areas, such as Immunology, Neurology and Oncology.  Laragh’s in-house experience includes small molecule products and biologics across the full lifecycle of a medicine. 

Throughout her industry and academic career, Laragh has maintained her passion for the clear communication of scientific concepts.  She holds a BSc in Pharmacology and a PhD in Molecular Medicine both from UCD, and gained a MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine from Trinity College Dublin.   She is motivated by the concept of the right medicine for the right patient at the right time. She passionately believes in building strong sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders leading to the delivery of successful cross-functional initiatives to ultimately benefit the patient.  Her breadth of experience allows her to take a solution orientated approach to compliance queries.


Events in Ireland in 2022

Pharma Integrity is committed to providing high quality training courses and events focused on the application of pharmaceutical healthcare compliance requirements in Ireland.  Each event has been carefully designed for a targeted audience so delegates will gain high quality practical knowledge directly relevant to their role and responsibilities. 


Lucy Tobin

Lucy joined Pharma Integrity in 2021 as an in-house Healthcare Compliance Consultant.  Having previously worked in the HPRA since May 2018, in both Pharmacovigilance roles and in Advertising Compliance, most of her career thus far has focussed on the promotional, and regulatory, compliance of medicines through advertising surveillance work and regulatory compliance inspections.

Lucy holds a BSc in Pharmacology and a MSc in Toxicology and Regulatory Affairs, both from UCD.  Her main motivation is for every communication and interaction surrounding the promotion of medicines to carry a clear, and balanced message, advocating the safe and correct use of the medicinal product.  She is passionate about ensuring that every aspect of the marketing of a medicine from its promotion, prescription, sale and supply, to its consumption, and thereafter, is focussed on providing an equally beneficial and safe medicinal product to the intended patients.

Lucy Tobin